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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Steven Gerrard: Why I Turned To Football Management

Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard has revealed why he decided to become a football manager.

After hanging up his boots following a fantastic playing career, Gerrard could have just been a pundit who speaks about teams performance but he picked to become a manager.

In his early 30's, the desire of becoming a manager grew stronger.

Now he is taking up his first steps in management as the coach of Rangers, but Gerrard has revealed he had been preparing for this role for years.

Asked when knew he wanted to go into management, Gerrard said: “Probably around 32 or 33, while I was still playing, because I love the game.

“Football has been a big part of my life. From 16 to 36 it was all that I knew – full-time football, being around top players, top managers. That’s where the education began.

“Towards the end of my career I knew I wouldn’t really be able to just walk away and go into anything else, because football is all I know.

“This is what I’ve craved since I came out of a playing kit.

“I craved that responsibility, that pressure, that three crucial points at the weekend. The highlights of staying in cup competitions.

“Looking back at my playing career now, I feel as if I should have maybe played on for one more year.

“Not for the lifestyle in America, for the actual buzz of playing football.

"I went there because I knew my Liverpool days were coming to an end and I knew emotionally I would have found that tough, because I used to love every single day going in and representing that club.

“So, I’d have played on for football reasons, but my wife got pregnant while I was out there in the MLS and it just made sense to come back home.”

Gerrard has learnt alot from managers he's worked under at club and country and will use that as he embarks on his Rangers career.

He said: “I had been speaking to them many times, bending their ear, with many questions on how they find their roles. Trying to take things they do and try and use them as well.

“I’ll take the best things I like, the impact they’ve had on players and try and use them in my favour going forward.

“I’m also very lucky to have the responsibility and get this role so soon. I started my coaching badges in my early 30s and I’m nearly over the line to become qualified.

“Now it’s just about experience – getting that experience, growing and improving.

“And that’s the reason why I’ve chosen the staff around me as well because I know they’ll be a great support for me.

“Whether you are a football manager or player, you learn from the good and bad.”

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